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Default Re: Show us your Premier kits!!

Originally Posted by Stuflyer View Post
Hiya mate - in from Dolbear land? :-)
Gorgeous Reso ... I want one now but the financial manager said something like "Over my dead body" - She doesn't like yellow...
aha! 'financial manager'...I think I get your drift :p

Going back to your repsonse before that; it's strange for me because my left hand is still my weakest hand...which is very strange considering it leads what I'm playing in grooves. Having my dominant hand as the snare hand does have it's advantages non-the-less! I found that ghost notes and more intricate use of them relativley easy to learn and it's something that's a feature in my playing.
Another stylistic trait it's resulted in is that I can follow varying parts of a song, I might lock in with the bass for a instrumental break then in with what the vocal or guitar melodies during the verses etc (very much like Keith Moon did).

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