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Default the noughties

Well since it's december 09 i thought i would mention (as if you didn't already know) about the fact that it's nearly another decade down the drain. I know to some of you it's "just another 10 years" but it's quite interesting for me because it's the first full decade i've lived through start to finish. Yes i remember the new years party 1999. It just boggles the mind how much stuff has changed since then, not only in the world but in my personal life as well. I was only 8 back then lol and now i'm a man of sorts. I dunno if it's just me or does this year seem to have just flew past? I wonder what next decade is going to be like. Is the world going to end in 2012? well judging what they said about 2000 and 06 i think it's unlikely but i guess it's just that sense of unkowing really. Yes i am boring lol.
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