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Default Re: Ringo Starr

Ringo IMO has the total drum package.......technique,style & showmanship

How many of us have bobbed their head back & forth playing a fun drum part? you can thank Ringo for that

He was one of the first singing drummers

Like con struct posted would you have played "Come Together" like Ringo?me either
or come up with a solo like Ringo played on "Golden Slumbers"?I didn't. think so LOL

How many drummers do you know that have had successful solo careers in Rock?Don't. worry I'll wait

Joking aside Ringo is a total original and that's what set him apart from all the other drummers when the Beatles hired him & why he is still on the scene today.

Not only that but the Cat is cool you know you cool when you're hanging out with Smokey Robinson @ the Grammy's

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