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Default Re: 2010 World Cup-South Africa

1. We class ourself as English, not British, when england play away around the world it is the St George flag that the surporters fly, not the union jack, same with the Scots, they fly there own colours.

2. Yes England has the best football team in the world, and also the most unluckiest team, every four years we have the best team in the world, but things never work out, (due to bad luck only) that we dont lift the cup.

3. Seems to me that England is not such a bad place, seeing that London is stuffed full of Aussies, looking for adventure, even my bussiness bank manager is a youngish Aussie, who now follows Chelsea and he loves it.

4. Football fans are such a synical bunch, but will always beleave in that one day, just one day, it will happen, one day all things will come right, and that day will be the day you will never ever forget, and that will be the winning of the 2010 world cup. Maybe.

If you won the world cup all the time how boring would that be.
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