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Default Re: Todd Sucherman here!

Hey Todd

How's the road treating you?
I marked the actual question "fat" that you can skip the rambling!

The Question du about all the "rack-lessness" :)

Here's the deal: I understand that you use a DR-503c (two, that is ..if I'm not mistaken) on stage with the band. It's easier and faster to set up and break down for Paul Carizzo and all that...Makes total sense to me.'s the but:
I think you're a "stand-man" though, if you know what I mean. How come? I'm curious because I'm thinking of purchasing a 503 in the near future. See I own a small kit but there's already a stand-multiclamp-don't look at 'em or they'll tip over- ...situation going on. Either too many stands or too many clamps on one stand. Okay...I understand that stands of different heights and types can give the kit a special charm and character. The one in M&M and its bigger brother in your backyard look very esthetic. A rack looks maybe more technical and thus takes away some of the kit's flavor and esthetic details. Where was I going with this? ...Oh yeah: I think I actually am answering the question myself, Todd :) Just kiddin' ...

See I'm just another guy that drums in the basement and is heard only by the next-door neighbors. But I wanna evolve too, you know and strive for new levels in my drumming. And I kinda got the feelin' there's still lots out there!

Thanks for your time, man! And Oh....say hi to Paul too, if you like!

Cheers from Bavaria,

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