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Default Re: 2010 World Cup-South Africa

Originally Posted by aydee View Post
Watch out, Steamer.. the Aussies are coming to get ya!

Nah, he's safe. He starts with Stan :)

sufc.loyal, it's almost painful to read your posts. Time after time, year after year, you Poms hang on to the desperate hope that maybe this time it will be different, that this time The Old Dart will bring home the bacon.

Yet deep down you KNOW it won't happen. It can't happen. 1966 was a bizarre and unlikely event never to be repeated.

Even if you are the best football team in the world with daylight second something will transpire - the "hand of god", a moment of madness, a dog will run on the field to do whoopsies at an inopportune moment, maybe even a freak earthquake - to ensure that you once again grasp defeat from the jaws of victory.

You are British. It's just how things are.

At least, unlike us, you don't spend half your GDP on sport and then crow about being the best bloody sporting nation pound for pound on the planet. I'd take your glorious pathos over our misplaced triumphalism any day :)

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