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Default Re: Hardest instruments to play

Originally Posted by TapFallyaspig View Post
A lot of you know a lot about computers so I thought Id ask you guys.

I want a laptop for a mentally handicapped person. All he will do is play CD-ROM games on it. No "gamer" games like WarCraft or anything like that; kids games like Dora the Explorer, SpongeBob and such. No internet and no other programs will be used. What are the bare essentials that I need to have on the laptop so that he can use it? All I know is that it needs to have Windows and a video card.

I dont want to spend 300 and up on this. I really would like to find a used computer store to buy it from, but there arent any near me. I thought I would try to find one on the internet or ask some of my friends in FL to scope out a couple of repair shops for me.

Thanks in advance
You might send a "chain" letter to friends asking for someone to donate their old laptop to your friend. If they do not have an old laptop themselves, then you can ask them to send this request on to some other people. Lots of people frequently upgrade to newer technology even though their existing laptop still works. And, it is the holiday season, so people may be getting laptops as gifts.

Good luck with helping your friend; you are doing something really noble.

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