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Default Hardest instruments to play

A lot of you know a lot about computers so I thought Id ask you guys.

I want a laptop for a mentally handicapped person. All he will do is play CD-ROM games on it. No "gamer" games like WarCraft or anything like that; kids games like Dora the Explorer, SpongeBob and such. No internet and no other programs will be used. What are the bare essentials that I need to have on the laptop so that he can use it? All I know is that it needs to have Windows and a video card.

I dont want to spend 300 and up on this. I really would like to find a used computer store to buy it from, but there arent any near me. I thought I would try to find one on the internet or ask some of my friends in FL to scope out a couple of repair shops for me.

Thanks in advance
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