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Default Re: Do you mention being a drummer on a day job interview?

I used to never tell something like that in an interview, but if I have another one I will definatley tell them about it. It's alot of experience and i've done alot of things that are great examples as to why I'm a great worker. I found that as a band member you are actually doing alot of leadership/ownership of your own business. Especially if you've had any success you can point to. It might explain gaps in your resume, or why you worked part time jobs too.

I actually found out the GM at my last job was a drummer after working with him for 4 years, and we got really close and it helped me out. He was always on my side after that.

Anybody who is stupid enough to think that musicians are lazy or don't work is probably somebody you don't want to work for. I just had a 14 hour day yesterday driving too, from, setting up, tearing down, and playing a 4 hour gig.
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