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Default Re: Do you mention being a drummer on a day job interview?

Originally Posted by bermuda View Post
And as we get older, the perceived stability of age works in our favor as well. An employer is more likely to believe that a 50-year-old candidate will focus on a position, more than a 25-year-old who's trying to pursue music but says he can be dedicated to the job.

I hope you're right.

I just run into the perception because I'm not 25 I should have more on my resume than I do.

Originally Posted by BassDriver View Post
Remember, employers are employing human beings, not matrix clones.
Heh....I've had a few bosses who would have rather wished were just clones!

Originally Posted by Pollyanna View Post
Very true.

While honesty is the best policy as a rule, it isn't always. When there is a good chance that you'll encounter assumptions based on stereotypes which will result in discrimination, it's best to keep your cards close to your chest.
This tends to be my approach. But I think I may, at times, hold my cards too close, and thus why I made this thread.

But I love all the different responses to this thread. :-)
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