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Default Re: Do you mention being a drummer on a day job interview?

Originally Posted by Skulmoski View Post
If holes in your CV become an issue, then confront them directly. You should always be honest in an interview. However, you can always interpret the gaps in your CV if you are asked rather than letting the interviewers interpret your gaps. For example, you can point out that you were committed to a music career (past tense) and therefore, only took low paying jobs so that you did not have to balance a white collar professional career with a music career. Here is where you point out that you were dedicated and did not want to short change someone who paid you to do accounting. You can also play up the skills you learnt as a musician such as working with diverse groups of people (e.g. people and interpersonal skills), creativity, team work, communication and professionalism. All these are important for a finance/accounting career.

Now that you are married, you can emphasize that your focus is now on your accounting profession, so now you want to put that same dedication you had towards drumming towards helping your company achieve its strategic and financial objectives. You also have the advantage of bringing in this different type of skill set that most bean counters do not usually have. Counting beans is easy; it is dealing with other people that some accountants do not do so well.

Good luck and keep drumming too.

Solid advice. Thank you!
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