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aaron gillespie is deserving of making it on this site. i think most drummers that have a record label should; especially so they can make themselfs known. aaron really is a great drummer and i think one of the reasons why he doesn't do much double kick anymore is because he SSSSIIINNNNGGGGSSS!!!!! I drum and sing at the same time in my band and it is really hard to keep a good tone control live. we've all heard him do great stuff in his earlier cds and talent doesn't just go away (especially if you're in a touring band). he has also proved himself a talented musician at other instruments such as: vocals, drums, guitar, bass, and piano. listen to the cd Southern Weather by The Almost. He recorded EVERY instrument. Which takes not only a lot of talent to play a bunch of instruments; but having to compose a song completely by himself. i also think that drummerworld would get a bunch more publicity if aaron was on. Underoath was one of the headlining bands at Warped Tour!! i just think it would make sense to have aaron on this site.
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