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Default Re: What's most/least important in music

I can't describe what i look for in music. I think it changes constantly. A really catchy melody can spark my interest, a sick bass line, a beautiful chord progression, some crazy time signatures, technical prowess, or a combination of all of these. But bottom line, I'm going to take a quote from a friend of mine... "good music is music that changes your mood." I think this is true on so many levels....the simplest things can make me go wild over a piece of music, and the most complicated things can do the same. But what all those techniques do is make me feel something while i'm listening to the song, or after the song is finished. They make me ponder, relax, energetic. So i guess that's what i look for in music. Music needs to emit a sense of emotion, and i need to be able to respond to that emission.

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