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Default Re: Do you mention being a drummer on a day job interview?

Originally Posted by DrumEatDrum View Post
I'm not sure how anyone finds a job that is willing to let them leave for tours, although obviously some people do. Although at this point, I'm not concerned with needing to leave, because I don't plan to. Still, if you're looking at a job that is non-music related, do you put down "drummer for well known recording artist" (or something to that effect) on your resume?
True about having that kind of freedom, it's not going to exist in very many non-entertainment companies, and is probably rare within the industry as well. I was priveleged to have my cake for 14 years in the form of a regular paycheck.

Funny you should mention it, but at the time I had my last job, I'd already recorded Al's 1st album. It wasn't out yet - there wasn't even a label - but in applying for the job I explained that I was his drummer (he also worked at the company) and that when things took off, I'd probably be leaving. They said 'yeah, you be sure and let us know when you go on tour' (you big rockstar you, har har har.) Well, 7 months later, I did! But by that time, I'd moved up in the company a bit, and it was just a 4 week tour, so it was really just a leave of absence, and I returned to work afterward. Well, this went on several times over the course of 14 years until I finally decided I didn't want to go back. That was 1996, and I've been just playing drums ever since.

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