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Default Re: The Drummer's Gene

Originally Posted by BassDriver View Post
Wait a sec...isn't Phil Rudd's philosophy about holding a good pocket and letting the rest of music take front stage...unless...Phil Rudd-ing isn't simple enough for you *GASP!*
Wakey wakey hand off snakey, BD. I was pretty obviously talking about volume. Phil Rudd plays LOUD. I'm not a loud player and have to tone it down even more to play in my current band. Most times I play about as gently as this guy (without his groove and class, obviously) I don't think he's a fast cars kinda guy :)

If you heard my things in the Your Playing area you'd know I play simply but with more nuance than our more famous De Stijl drummers, although I obviously don't have Phil's famed deep pocket or I'd be touring the world and playing huge stadiums.

Ian Paice was my first drum idol and I was a mad thing behind the kit in my youth but age and inability to play kit at home has slooowed meee dooowwwnnn ....
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