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Default Re: The Drummer's Gene

BD, if I Phil Rudded in my current band you wouldn't hear anything but drums. Think Ringo-meets-Jim Hodder-after-having-a-few-too-many ...
Wait a sec...isn't Phil Rudd's philosophy about holding a good pocket and letting the rest of music take front stage...unless...Phil Rudd-ing isn't simple enough for you *GASP!*
...anyway...about this thread...

You know, what you are talking about is why all those lame drummer jokes come about:

Non-musician: "What's the difference between a bank robber and a drummer?"
"You can negotiate with a bank robber"

Non-musician: "What do you call a drummer with a mobile phone"

Non-musician: "Hey what do you call a drummer with a car...?"

*sarcasm ensues*

Me: "LOL, so funny!"
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