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Default Re: The Drummer's Gene

I think there's an idea that drummers are wild and crazy because it's least refined of instruments. You HIT them. And now that rock has become part of the establishment, HIT is seen to be equal to HIT HARD.

Even though my appearance is the epitome of an old hippie, people have always been surprised when I say I'm a drummer. They always assume that I'm either a keyboardist (I wear glasses and therefore an intellectual) or a singer (I'm a woman and therefore refined and untechnical).

Then there's always an assumption that I'm a closet beast and I get interested looks when I explain that I'm actually not a basher but a simple accompanist who uses brushes a lot.

BTW, I was diagnosed ADHD about 10 years ago. I find that a combination of nicotine, coffee and creative activity keeps me sane(ish).

Are there any other ADDers here?
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