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Default Re: The Drummer's Gene

Originally Posted by rogue_drummer View Post

I continually get the attitudes shoved in my face that hark "oh, you're a must have been a wild did your parents cope?" Even if I'm there to just play tympani, bells, or tamborine and I'm dressed appropriately for the gig. "The Drummer" always gets this stigma.
Still it bothers me that the rest of our musical cousins consider us "wild" and "uncivilized" even though we have gentlemen and conservative ambassadors like Charle Watts and most of us don't run around throwing TV sets out of hotel windows.
Interesting thread rogue_drummer, and i do agree with you.

I do get those comments rubbed in my face pretty often aswell. the "oh, you're a drummer, well try not breaking anything on stage ok?" type of comments. I think we do have a reputation of being the most restless and wild of all the musicians. That might come from the Bonzo or Moony image (my dad told me about Keith driving a Cadillac into a hotel swimming pool while touring with The Who).
I myself like fast cars ( allthough im not old enough to have my driving license =P) , extreme sport (i allways get hurt but thats fine with me), and i love playing insanely fast so i do fit into rogue_drummer's drummer stereotype.
I have nothing against the fact that other musicians consider us as crazy and wild, but as long as they still have a due respect towards us, because very often people disrespect us and consider that we just make noise without serving the music, and that really annoys me.
As strange as it may seem, despite the fact that im a pretty wild kid and i listen to Metal, i do enjoy sitting behind a four piece set up and just to groove with a nice Afro Jazz band once in a while ; )
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