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Default Re: The Drummer's Gene

Interesting comments...maybe it's where I live?

No I wasn't referring to ADHD or ADD types at all. Far from it. I've actually had to substitute teach in public school ADD types and it wasn't fun and games, by any means. And I have met many musicians both in bands and in symphony orchestras.

It just appears to me that as a group, drummers seem to be more the Keith Moon type than the Charlie Watts type. More on the wild side than the conservative side.

And especially around church musicians and orchestral types: strings, woodwind, and horn players. Almost always, whenever I'm playing in a "conservative" gig, I continually get the attiitudes shoved in my face that hark "oh, you're a must have been a wild did your parents cope?" Even if I'm there to just play tympani, bells, or tamborine and I'm dressed appropriately for the gig. "The Drummer" always gets this stigma.

Wheneve that happens, I play into it and reply "Yep, I'm a wild and crazy sumbitch. You'd better keep your distance or else you might get hurt. Does your momma know you're here?" Always good for a laugh. When playing in a honky tonk, some redneck runs up and shouts: "You're a dummin' sumbitch, boy! Damn that sounds good!" It never ceases to amaze me....

Still it bothers me that the rest of our musical cousins consider us "wild" and "uncivilized" even though we have gentlemen and conservative ambassadors like Charle Watts and most of us don't run around throwing TV sets out of hotel windows.
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