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Default Re: The Drummer's Gene

As far as the "drummer's gene" goes, I've seen many kids who HAVE to bang on pots and pans when they're younger grow up to get into music. Not necessarily drums, but there's a little "something special" that I think many musicians have...a draw to music and expressing themselves, and, yes, taking life experiences and hobbies to the extreme. I wouldn't limit it to drummers, per say, but a drummer with the "gene" will take their drumming and art farther and more serious than, say, a drummer who didn't bang away on pots and pans when they were younger.

Of course, there are exceptions to EVERY rule (except this one).

I, for one, didn't bang on pots and pans when I was younger, but I have the drive, motivation, and intellect to fully immerse myself in whatever I'm doing to the extreme, for the sheer love of it. I do want to go skydiving some day, but I'm not in any hurry to, especially since having kids...
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