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Default Re: The legendary Steve Gadd.

Originally Posted by jpekarek
IMO, Steve Gadd is an excellent drummer and also very accomplished. But (IMO) if you take away that one lightning fast lick he does all the time, there isn't anything very impressive left. It seems like most of his stuff is based on it. He throws it in everywhere and it gets a little old.

Great drummer, great chops, I just can't find anything to get impressed about.
a quote from Buddy Rich
"Steve Gadd was and probably still is, the best at that particular kind of drumming. I think that's because he has a jazz background, so he's able to incorporate it when he plays. He was very interesting in the beginning. Out of all the drummers I've heard, Gadd would have to be the one who has the most class behind the drums."

well i guess he had Buddy fooled, if he could only have seen past "that one lightning fast lick".... Oh and btw Gadd has done thousands of recordings and most of his stuff is not based on this lick, maybe 1% of it. Thats not what Steve Gadd's drumming is about.
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