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Default Re: The Drummer's Gene

Wild and craaazy here! Man, I got this souped up Corolla whatsisname that goes faster than any rickshaw in town. I'm built for speed, not comfort, baybee! That's why I'm hammerin' out them 120bpm paradiddles - read 'em and weep suckers!

And Extreme Sport is my middle name - Polly "Extreme Sport" Anna they call me. Tennis, cartooning, statistics, You name it, baby, if it's wild and fast and crazy you'll find me right there in that semi ergonomic chair pumpin' it out.

Umm ... I like thinking up new angles, though, Rogue.

Maybe there is a somewhat higher percentage of thrillseeking alpha male drummers than those playing violin or bass? A few drummers of a certain type have died in fast cars, haven't they? But I doubt the difference would be huge, though. How about a correlation between drummers with tatts and speed?
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