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Default The Drummer's Gene

Interesting thought I had while driving in to work a few days ago: What sets drummers apart from other musicians, aside from the actual drum instrument?

In 48 years of living, I've noticed drummers, on average, are the wildest, craziest, reckless, partying, yet most thoughtful, caring and resourceful folks on the planet. Apart from the occasional egomaniac to be encountered in anything, generally I've noticed drummers to like:

1) anything FAST - fast drumming, fast cars, fast women, fast sports, fast motorcycles, and are generally facinated with SPEED (but not the drug kind). For example when I was 17 I was continually getting my Mustang Mach 1 up around 110 mph on the highways at night. It never maxed out evan at 115 mph. The accelorator still had room to go.

2) anything in the EXTREME - extreme sports, for example,

3) continually push the envolope, so to speak. They continually look for new challenges, new innovations, new ways to play, new and innovative rhythms, new music styles, etc.

Why is it you NEVER hear of violin players, or woodwind players, or brass players taking skydiving lessons, going on wild white water rafting trips, bungee jumping, driving their cars fast to see how fast it will go before maxing out, racing speedboats, parasailing, scuba diving, etc.?

One of our guitar players confessed he's scared to death of motorcycles. Here I was excited as all hell because I was going to take a motorcycle riding class to get into biking. I couldn't wait!

Any thoughts on this subject of this "Drummer's Gene"?
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