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Originally Posted by aydee View Post
In which case here's your song:
Fun music and nice video of a pair of... i mean of various Fcars :)

Fyi, learned to track using a 308 (pic below) and have toured the factory plus Mr. Pininfarina took me into their facility and hung out with them for a while too. Of the cars in that vid the vintage 12-cyl carbed barchetta or the F40 with enhanced brakes and uprated turbos would be my pick. The new cars are too Xbox/Playstation-esque for my preferences. Prefer a more RAW type of track car versus all the whiz-gizmo things in the newer ones, though will admit the new whizzy-bits can reduce lay times due to the tranny speed-matching during downshifts and quick upshifts. Am still not a fan of ABS/traction control... but that's my preferences. To each their own and all that.

PS: SCARY FCAR MOMENT: Was at a Ferrari track event and a very rare 12-cyl barchetta with inexperienced driver was in far front of me going slowish. As i gained on him and he was about six car lengths in front of me he oversteered right and walled his car going up the hill of the boot at WGI. Had to make a split-second decision and i figured due to his inexperience he would NOT hold the brakes and so JUST barely missed t-boning him. If i had made a wrong split-second choice...

MAN i love the track!!!
Enjoy the Music,

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