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Originally Posted by eddiehimself View Post
I'm basically one of these idiots who does loads of stuff but is not actually any good at any single one of them! That includes drumming. I can do drumming, guitar, bass, recording and producing, accounting drawing, computers, soldering, woodwork, spray finishing, weightlifting, engineering, physics, maths and chemistry. All of these are about the "D" grade standard i would say. IE not really terrible, but not very good either.
I'm hearing you, Eddie - I've dabbled in lots of things - drumming, keyboards, sequencing/programming music, writing songs, writing prose, digital art (digitally painted/drawn, not auto-generated stuff), cartooning, web design, ethics & philosophy, statistics (yes, I know it's weird), tennis, ping pong. I also play guitar badly.

When I was younger I was keen of lapidary and jewellery making and my standard joke when I started drumming was I went from rocks to rock and stones to ...

Pretty ordinary in all areas, although I have great talent for downing skim milk cappuccinos. I think it doesn't much matter what you do or how good you are at anything, just as long as you're enthusiastic.

Like Larry, I'm a web/news junkie and at the moment and my main fix is Drummerworld.

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