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Originally Posted by aydee View Post
It takes an awesome guy with a ton of self confidence and an ability to take himself lightly without worrying what others think to say this.

Also takes great talent to be average at 235 things.

That's a nice thing to say. But i would say that it's one thing telling people how you feel on a forum, quite another actually saying it to someone in real life. and i seriously have little self confidence. I was looking at this girl at a gig, the 2nd time i've actually been out on a night without mum or dad this year and i was too scared to talk to her.

Also i think that learning anything is like an exponent in terms of what level you're at and how much effort it requires to improve from thereonin. IE it starts out really easy to get so far but i appear but then you get to the bit where the gradient becomes 1, the bit where you have to actually start putting some effort in, in order to make the same progress that you have been doing before and eventually the gradient is almost vertical and you're doing a lot just to maintain your current level, let alone make progress. But you're really good at this point so that's the tradeoff really. I'm sort of at the gradient 1 bit but i just haven't really bothered with the effort so i'm not getting very much better very fast. I think if i am any good at anything it's more to do with the fact that i've been doing it for a long time. A bit like the way we manage to have like 400 friends on the band myspace, it's not because we've actually done anything, it's just because i've had it as a profile since 2006 and you tend to pick up a lot of friends over that time.
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