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Default Re: Worst Gig Experiences?

Originally Posted by randrade89 View Post
The entire kit fell down in the MIDDLE of the song, except the snare.
?? How does this even happen? Was it a rack mount that tipped over?

Originally Posted by spides666 View Post
In a covers band, guitarist was so drunk he was reading set two and we were on set one!!!

He'd do Sweet Child of Mine guitar to Where The Streets have no name for example.

One song the singer was like what the flip was that?
It's called a mashup. Your guitarist was ahead of his time!

Originally Posted by mcbike View Post
Water starts pouring in from the cieling all over our gear, we are scrambling to get our gear back into cases, and the club owner comes in and starts yelling at us to MOVE his pool tables out of the dripping water. We spend the next hour moving everything around while he yells at us.
Ha! I'd be like, "Move your own pool tables! I've got to save my kit from your leaky roof."
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