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I guess a little bit. I do think I got off on a wrong start on drummerworld, with some pointless questions and stupid threads. It's easier nowadays though. Drummerworld is a very friendly and constructive community, but I sometimes really do feel as if I have to go tip toe so as not to offend anyone.
I think the reason that there's generally fewer replies to bad drumming than to good drumming is that, by unwritten convention, we're not really allowed to say "that was bad drumming (with reasons provided)" to anyone. Closest most people can get is "pretty good, but you need to work on [...]". But if we were allowed to make any negative comments, we might end up the new Youtube where your drumming will be graded on a four-point scale: Owning, Pwning, being Ghey or Suk-ing. With lots of 14-year olds preferring to judge people who aren't travis barker or mike portnoy with the latter two.
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