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Default Re: theatrical attire onstage

I think it is important to look good on stage, maybe your guys just don't like your idea, and they could suggest other ideas.

When I was younger I was in a 7 piece band and we did lots of crazy costumes (mostly last minute). we would usually go to the thrift store right before the show and figure out a theme. the best show we did was cowboys and indians.

We also borrowed tuxedos from my school band for our cd release. We came out and did line checks in shorts/t-shirts just looking real sloppy and then changed really quick into tuxedos. Everybody went nuts when we hit the stage.

I saw a picture of myself with a bunch of roadies before a show and I couldn't tell the difference between me and them. I had cut-offs and doc martens and a t-shirt on. I was so embarassed looking at that picture that I decided to try to look nice for every show. I generally try to wear a shirt with a collar.

I think it's fun to go pick outfits that I wouldn't normally wear, but I can wear them on stage. plus I just tell myself it's a tax write off (costumes for performance).
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