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Default Re: Show off your Yamahas!

Originally Posted by drum4paul View Post
Thought that I'd show off my Beech Custom set-up I had put together in the late 90's.
This fusion set-up I was using in a GB band I was playing in during that time frame consists of:

20X16" Bass
8X8" Tom
10X9" Tom
12X10" and 14X12" suspended floor toms.
14X5.5" Snare

All Zildjian cymbals as follows:
20" K Custom Ride
13" A Custom Hihat Top, W/older 70's NewBeat Bottom
16" A Custom Crash
6" A Custom Splash
8" A Custom Splash
15: A Custom Crash

All Yamaha Hardware,except a Roc-n-Soc Throne
All in the beautiful Blueberry finish they used to offer!!
This set-up is a joy to play and great for such a wide range of music styles, these beech shells kind of have that old Sonor sound,as there drum were made of beech durning the 70's and 80's.Attachment 30229

Attachment 30230
NIce kit!...I always have liked the beech sound...I wanted to get a beech yamaha kit when I bought my MCA's, but Yamaha had discontinued them...:(
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