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Default Re: Show off your Yamahas!

Thought that I'd show off my Beech Custom set-up I had put together in the late 90's.
This fusion set-up I was using in a GB band I was playing in during that time frame consists of:

20X16" Bass
8X8" Tom
10X9" Tom
12X10" and 14X12" suspended floor toms.
14X5.5" Snare

All Zildjian cymbals as follows:
20" K Custom Ride
13" A Custom Hihat Top, W/older 70's NewBeat Bottom
16" A Custom Crash
6" A Custom Splash
8" A Custom Splash
15: A Custom Crash

All Yamaha Hardware,except a Roc-n-Soc Throne
All in the beautiful Blueberry finish they used to offer!!
This set-up is a joy to play and great for such a wide range of music styles, these beech shells kind of have that old Sonor sound,as there drum were made of beech durning the 70's and 80's.Name:  IMG_1154.JPG
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