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Really, I was called for a session with them in '95. One song-- and I went in, met them, and I was done in an hour. I said goodbye and that was it. They called me again about 10 months later to do another song and I felt something was brewing. They called me a week later and asked if I was available for a 4 month tour. We rehearsed for about 3 1/2 weeks or so and began the tour. I knew all the songs and it was very natural feeling. As I've said before, it was a balance of honoring what came before (insofar as the parts) and then adding my spices without changing the flavor of the material. I did my best to update a lot of the parts and that's really it. Glad to hear the trad grip thing is working itself out.

OK! There you go-


Sorry you missed the gig. I also did a clinic that same day at the university for Craig Allen's drum shop. As far as the new kit (that's actually 2 years old now) goes, I really adore it. Fat sounding with a strong fundamental tone. Inspiring every night. (pic below)

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