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Default Re: Foot to mouth

Anonymous people on the net could be any shade of nutter. Even so, I've been amazed at the lack of trust sometimes. If I really was the way some people seem to have assumed at times I'd be a psychotic bunny boiling misanthrope with an IQ of 70.

Love the way this thread's pulling the crazies out of the closet with their mea culpas:

Joey has anxiety issues
Aydee can't shut up
Drumeatdrum is a smart alec
Bassdriver needs anger management
Sufc is a scary guy (you know, football fans and all that)
Derek has the delicacy of a brick
TT is paranoid for good reason (they really are out to get him)
and I'm a psychotic bunny boiling misanthrope with an IQ of greater than 70

;-) (note the winkie!)

A wink is an informal mode of communication usually signaling ... shared hidden knowledge or intent.
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