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Default Re: Pop Music in General

... "thick jazz/fusion/dave weckl-head" ROFLOL!

If it makes you feel any better I used to have a thick prog/fusion/bruford head ... now it's just thick :)

What I think Gav H is saying is that complex stuff sounds best when you make it sound easy. Sometimes you'll hear YouTube guys make relatively simple stuff sound like monster drumming, but guys like Steve Gadd and Bill Bruford often make complex patterns sound simpler than they are because they emphasise the fundamental pulses within the rhythm rather than just try to pull off a collection of notes.

As for climaxes and exclamation points ... a big crash is usually a climax. If you have a whole bunch of climaxes in a song it's not a climax any more, is it? It's just a loud song. A holiday isn't a holiday without work either. If we pick our spots carefully then that crash can give everyone a buzz rather than just mask the other instruments or just be be a convenient way of moving our hands at the end of a fill. Tension and release.

I think I'm turning into Larry. If I start offering to install an extra set of power points please throw some cold water on me!
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