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Default Re: Worst Gig Experiences?

1) 1973 First real gig at a Ramada playing standards while in high school. Forgot my stick bag, dad had to drive it to me.

2) 1974 Playing VERY LOUD hard rock in a biker bar in Oklahoma City with topless dancers on the bar- fight breaks out, had to fear for my life. Lukily they didn't care about the band.

3) 1977 Had to drive 6 hours in July from Denton, Tx to Odessa, Tx in 100 degree heat in small car with 5 people and NO air conditioning to play week long hard core country gig in the middle of nowhere with nothing to do in the daytime. We didn't have IPods or CD's back then.

4) 1980 Go to get my car parked on 27th Street and 8th Ave in NYC. Have to drive to NJ for gig. No car- has been stolen. Call friend in sheer panic to get ride to gig. Never recovered car.

5) 1980 playing gig in NYC restuarant - during break some guy walking by outside looks in and see's his girlfriend in the place with some other guy. In a RAGE runs in, tries to jump over the bandstand and lands on the acoustic bass, splintering it into small pieces. He, the other guy and the girl race out leaving us standing there, jaws agap.

6) 1981 Show up to play a gig, only to find another drummer setting up. Turns out the leader forgot he hired me thus two drummers showed up. Professional, I think not.

7) 1981 Playing gig at catering hall in Brooklyn. Maitre de bends over in front of bandstand, hand gun drops out of jacket. He calmly picks it up places it back in his jacket and goes about his business.

All situations were real events, with no fabrication.
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