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Default Re: Worst Gig Experiences?

1. 1999, college town party in an apartment complex courtyard, me playing acoustic drums in a live-techno/trance band. A couple people spilled beer from the 2nd floor balcony onto my cymbals. The rest of the band was heavily amplified and I wasn't, which resulted in me getting mega-blisters on my hands from trying to play loud enough to be heard.

2. 2003, restaurant/bar gig, me playing keyboards in a psych/space rock band. Not-quite-freezing cold outside. The restaurant was "too small" for us to play indoors, so they stuck us out on the patio. Bass player and drummer got into a fight, bass player left so I had to try and recreate his lines with my left hand. The only people outside listening to us were vagrants and drunks that were wandering the street... The only thing that saved this from being a total disaster was that we were paid very well and got free food & hot toddies...
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