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Default Re: Todd Sucherman here!

Hey Todd...

Wonderment of the day:

A Styx-related question this time:

Your phone rings, right? Back in `95 I suppose. How long did you need to prepare yourself in advance to the first inofficial session with the band. I suppose this would have been the Ghost-re-recording of "Lady" (?). Did you have many rehersal meetings with De Young, Shaw and company before the actual tour date?
I mean you said you gave the songs your own flavour whilst staying true to the original sound...that's a lot of time-consuming drumming you must have had to do back then, I assume. Or did you have certain Styx-moves (let's call them "moves") already in your repertoire? ....All these questions, eh? :)

Thanks and stay safe on the road, Todd!


P.S. Also thanks for your quick response on the trad-grip-matter! ...Helped me out a lot, man!
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