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Default Re: Pop Music in General

Originally Posted by Pollyanna View Post
Ah, but maybe the beat doesn't need to be made more interesting? Maybe it requires pure ostinato with just one figure that lifts the tune in exactly the right spot?

I find there's much challenge in playing the same beat, keeping it alive and feeling good, ostensibly the same thing over and over but with almost invisible adjustments to timing, emphasis and accenting, always keep it gelling with the band sound and supporting the song. Doing a take like that and being satisfied that you got it right every moment without losing the vibe just a little is damn hard IMO. Much easier to zip around - a fill here, a crash there.

I used to only listen to music where the drummer's line could be entertaining in its own right. Now it's not unusual for me to enjoy a song and not have a clue what the drummer played. I'm not dissing cool drumming, of course, just that I want to pick all the good fruit from the music orchard rather than only going for the red ones :)
Ach, you're not making it easy for me are ya? :P. I get what you're saying about making a simple beat "live" and breathe like an organism. Maybe I'm just a drum snob, but I like it when each musician actually contributes to making the tune more interesting. I like music that challenges both the musicians and the listeners.
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