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Default Re: Pop Music in General

Originally Posted by Pollyanna View Post
Thaard, first thing you need to do is either not listen to the radio or find a different station. Or channel hop. Still, there are pearls smongst the swine.

Thing is, what if you were offered a spot in a pro pop band - serious money, touring, the works. But you had to play simply. You could not use any of your fancy tricks.

Would you cynically figure, "Oh, this is crap so I'll just play standard beats with the odd simple fill". Or would you try to understand the music and its structure more deeply and figure the best subtle variations (or not) to help realise its individuality, mood and intent - even if on first inpection the songs sounded like cookie cutter tunes?
I would make the beats different, and try to make them interesting. Really trying to make them fit while making them so that they make a difference. Maybe other drummers would take after.. If I was denied this, I'd conceal everything and play more economically, but I would be playing in a band on the side, that was technical.
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