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Default Re: Pop Music in General

Originally Posted by Mediocrefunkybeat View Post

There are whole movements of Wagner operas that are just a single chord. There's one in particular (that I have forgetten the name of) that is literally just an E-Flat chord for the whole movement, harmonically speaking. There is a tendency in Western Classical Music to actually have fewer chord changes the more advanced the music becomes. In Baroque music, it is not unusual to have a chord change a bar and two when approaching a cadence. In Late Romantic Music, there are even fewer (Satie uses only a few chords in his most brilliant piano works, yet the tonal ambiguity is what sets the pieces apart). Schoenberg doesn't use any conventional chords in his early atonal works and Stravinsky uses little recognisable rhythm, at least in the traditional sense.

Trying to claim that music that sounds more 'complex' is better is just a slippery slope to nowhere. Music does not have to be 'complex' or involve 'solos' (which to me are basically cliche anyway and even more retro-active than anything else) to make a good song or piece. The complexity is utterly, utterly, utterly irrelevant. I couldn't give a flying baboon whether the piece is played fast, hard and uses a 3/4 polyrhythm - if it moves me, it moves me. And I don't think it gets any simpler than that.
Well, thats your choice and Iīve got nothing against that. I gotta admit that even if technical music is what moves me the most, simple music can also move me. Problem is as I said, music thats made entirely for selling and making as many deadheads listen to it. Without thought and/or soul and most of the musicians just half-assedly plots down some stuff in Fruity Loops, raps over it and calls it music. Yes I know itīs music by definition, but for me itīs just soulless blabber. I like The Roots and Beastie Boys, but modern rīnīb and rap sounds like the same over and over. Maybe thats whats the problem with most of todays pop-music, it all sounds the same. Iīm not a big fan of lyrics either, but thats something else

Iīm not telling that everyone should feel this way, but at least try to be a bit original.
Hell, I even got 10 gigs of drone(sound of machines etc) music, and I still like that better than Katy Perry and Lady Gaga..

Another big problem is that the radio plays them over and over 1000 times, which makes me sick in the stomach. I still get spasms and urges to shave my eyebrows when I hear Las Ketchup with the ketchup song *shudders*
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