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Default Re: Pop Music in General

A few points.

(First off I am a HORRIBLE Musician. Can't write, can't sing, can barely drum.)

-I get very irritated when I hear those idiot DJs on the local pop stations (I don't listen to them I just have freiends with bad taste). Not only do they play the same three crappy songs over and over again (Billboard's#1, #2, and #3) but they actually INTERRUPT the "Music" by vomiting forth their own generic comments. I don't care how great you think Lady Gaga is, you don't need to say so DURING THE "SONG"!

-Modern Punk. What is this crap? Punk is supposed to be driving and ruthless. Take no prisoners. There is nothing punk about "All the Small Things"! Nowadays its just an excuse for shlocky pop bands to only learn 2 chords.

-What is with the single mounted tom being WAY over to the left and angled totally flat. It's completely innaccessible. I know this because I tried it once thinking that it looked cool (Which I have to admit, it kinda does) and it sucked completely. Who would punish themselves like this in the name of style?

Wow that feels good to get off my chest.
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