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Originally Posted by burnthehero View Post
I think Josh Eppard is far more deserving of a spot on the site than Aaron Gillespie. Out of all the countless clone screamo/hardcore/metalcore/whatever bands, he at least has an identifiable style and sound.
this guy has no fricken idea what he is talking about. you need to sit down and actually
listen to underoath's music. aaron gillespie is one of the best drummers i know
and definitely THE best drummer his age, not to mention josh also has 4 years more experience than aaron. i just now listened to a bunch of coheed and combria before posting this so i can make my argument. Josh eppard is good, but he is (like every one who calls themself a drummer) very foundational, very basic. technical with no flow or movement to the mood. aaron plays with the music, unlike coheed to plays to the beat. aaron has his own STYLE of drummer that is awesome, which Eppard sounds just like everyone else. anyone can play (double kick, snare, double kick, snare)
as much as i think he was good in the more metal version of underoath he is definitely better now and has matured his own distict drummer style. so who's better?? Aaron Gillespie all the way
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