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Originally Posted by GRUNTERSDAD View Post
The key is proof reading, and with my typing skills, I do it every time.
i always proof read before i post, i just seems in some threads you have to dummy down comedy to the lowest common denominator for some people to the point of putting "lol" or "hahahaha" at the end of every line just so they wont misunderstand and get offended. In others you have to have a perfect grasp of grammar,syntax and a vocabulary that would make a shakspearian actor ashamed, and a multitude of drumming acheivments just to be taken seriously. I dunno maybe im just bitching here, but it really gets to me.
I usually dont comment on something unless im pretty sure that i can add something meaningful to it. but for the most part i only have about 350 posts in about 3 years cause im always wondering if something i say will be taken wrong and i end up looking like an idiot.
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