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"Ringo sux lol!"

Anyway, me and the keyboardist in my band has always made fun of Ringo and saying that he's made a top secret drum-technique dvd. In this dvd the only thing he said(which was the top secret technique), was keeping 8ths on the bassdrum in fills.

On the other side, I've always like Beatles, even if some of the later stuff was pretty out there(Revolution nr 9 or what its called). I remember MCcartney saying that Ringo wasnt even the best drummer in the band? In an octopus´ garden isnt the best Beatles song, but many people seem to forget that good old Ringo was there and layed out the beats while MCcartney and Lennon was arguing about the music. He does a decent job too, and he isnt as bad as people say he is. He gets alot of flack for being to simple in comparison to MCcartneys bassplaying, but atleast it sounds good enough.
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