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Default Re: Pop Music in General

Originally Posted by Pollyanna View Post
A fine rant, Thaard. Take a bow. I don't agree, of course. You're talking about the least appealing pop. What about the good songs? Just going through my pop MP3 folder now ....

The Beatles. Fleetwood Mac. Great feel drumming, great vocals. Beach Boys. B52s. Cold Play. Crash Test Dummies. Joe Jackson. Early Steely Dan (fabulous twisted pop). Cindy Lauper. Evermore. Kate Bush. Oasis. Simply Red. The Waterboys. Thomas Dolby. INXS. World Part. XTC.

All have come up with great songs. Ok, I admit it. I'm a sucker for a great melody.

Indie is about rawness. Not everything needs to be spit polished, eh Thaardy old son me lad. Sure, some of it's too raw for me too, but when indie artists get it right, it cran be great. Don Caballero have a raw indie sound and they are a wow band. In Oz we had an indie group called The Hoodoo Gurus in the 80s and they were a rage live and in the studio.

Don't judge the genre, judge the piece.

And Strangelove, surely even you can agree on that. I see no reason why one can't be a Stanley Kubrick-style fan of the fabulously freaky AND enjoy good pop :)

That's Polly's cracker for now
Thanks for the input. Im not hating all pop. Pop thats well produced and appeals to a wide specter of listeners gets respect in my book(even if i dont like the tune).

Sometimes theres a really catchy tune and I will sing with it without even knowing it, and as were now nearing christmas, the doom of last christmas is lurking. George Michael and wham in horrible harmony singing about last christmas. I hate that song, but each christmas i find myself humming it. Each time it results in me lying in the shower, crying, and yelling "pleeaase stoopp, nooo!".
Seriously though, people can discuss for ages on what music is best and why. It will still end up with someone being hurt, so I try to steer away. When theres no steering away, I always try to be as objective as possible, but alas it always ends in "oh yea? Well you can stick your 3 chords and butter-vocals where the sun don't shine. It hasn't even got metric modulation or a solo?" Etc etc. Although I like a bit of discussing sometimes.
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