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Default Re: Pop Music in General

Originally Posted by Thaard View Post
I hate pop music, but I'm not saying those who make and play it are untalented. On the contrary, but I really think they should try to be more creative and at least put some soloes in there, so theres alittle individualism. Instead, they spew out the same crap. Godawful leadsynths, analog drums, auto-tune, fruity loops or singer songwrites(with acoustic guitars errrghh) either singing about how much they hate the opposite sex, how much they love them, how much theyre crying or how much money they're making.
... Don't even get me started on indie music. Whats the deal? You can afford a good recording, but you dont want to be good on your instrument and record through a sewage pipe so you can get that "indie-sound"? Give me a break! Pheew.. Glad thats out.

/end rant.
A fine rant, Thaard. Take a bow. I don't agree, of course. You're talking about the least appealing pop. What about the good songs? Just going through my pop MP3 folder now ....

The Beatles. Fleetwood Mac. Great feel drumming, great vocals. Beach Boys. B52s. Cold Play. Crash Test Dummies. Joe Jackson. Early Steely Dan (fabulous twisted pop). Cindy Lauper. Evermore. Kate Bush. Oasis. Simply Red. The Waterboys. Thomas Dolby. INXS. World Part. XTC.

All have come up with great songs. Ok, I admit it. I'm a sucker for a great melody.

Indie is about rawness. Not everything needs to be spit polished, eh Thaardy old son me lad. Sure, some of it's too raw for me too, but when indie artists get it right, it cran be great. Don Caballero have a raw indie sound and they are a wow band. In Oz we had an indie group called The Hoodoo Gurus in the 80s and they were a rage live and in the studio.

Don't judge the genre, judge the piece.

And Strangelove, surely even you can agree on that. I see no reason why one can't be a Stanley Kubrick-style fan of the fabulously freaky AND enjoy good pop :)

That's Polly's cracker for now
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