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Hey Joey.

Well I'm a blabbermouth. In real life and online. My friends often ask me very sarcastically if I have " any unexpressed thoughts at all ?"

I think the whole idea of drummerworld is for all of us to bond and share our musical lives with each other hopefully in a friendly and respectful way, but yes one sometimes sees other agendas on these boards as well.

That coupled with the 'lost in translation' bit often ends up with a lot of " I didnt mean....", " its all good...." kinda posts too. Its the nature of the beast.

One of the drawbacks is that you cant really get into a lot of satire or dark humor, because as a post it tends to appear just plain dark, and therefore misunderstood.

If I said " I wish you would drive off a cliff " with a friendly punch in the arm it would mean something totally different, would it


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