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Default Re: Tama Warlord Masai Kit. Thats right, Kit. Not just snare :)

Originally Posted by Pass.of.E.r.a. View Post
well, the kit itself (no hardware/cymbals/heads) was only about 3800 (or approx. $6800 canadian).

Hardware was approx. 850 (or $1500 Canadian). that rack+ cymbal arms was not cheap...

and cymbals were 1000 ($1800 Canadian). for a grand total of 5700 ($10000 Canadian).

wow. i never realized how much it was till now.

lol I'm not loaded, I'm 17 (I was 15 when i purchased the kit) and live at home, so i have very few living expenses, so all the money i saved from working could go towards my drums. then over a year later i purchased the rack, and for the last few years I've been collecting my assortment of cymbals. I don't think I would of appreciated my kit as much if i had purchased everything at once.

oh and i almost forgot, my awesome Dad, (as my christmas present) took care of the down payment. words cannot express how much i love him! I'm really truly grateful to have such a loving supporting Father.

yeah well stuff is cheaper over there. It was about 4.5 on thomann, and that was before the pound crash! Also wow 17 mate you're so lucky to have that stuff, and i'm glad to hear you worked for it too, that's really impressive because obviously most teenagers (EH included) would save up like 50 and spend it on a load of crap lol.
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