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I just had a thought. Ringo Starr was already a professional drummer when he joined the Beatles, so I wonder if there are any recordings of his playing before he became a Beatle. I guess I could Google it. That would be interesting to hear.

I love Ringo's drumming. There's a real generosity of spirit in his playing, I very much get the feeling that he loved those songs, so much so that he took great care not to step all over them. He loved those songs, well, who wouldn't, but he played just perfectly on those songs, just perfectly, especially when you consider that they did many takes of the same tune. He kept it going. RIngo had a great sense of time and consistancy.

Also, I think he had a very personal sound on the drums, a sort of loping, happy way of playing, that's the only way I can think of to describe it.

I'm a fan.
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