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Default Re: Pop Music in General

I hate pop music, but I'm not saying those who make and play it are untalented. On the contrary, but I really think they should try to be more creative and at least put some soloes in there, so theres alittle individualism. Instead, they spew out the same crap. Godawful leadsynths, analog drums, auto-tune, fruity loops or singer songwrites(with acoustic guitars errrghh) either singing about how much they hate the opposite sex, how much they love them, how much theyre crying or how much money they're making. I mean come on, atleast try to supplement to the music instead of showing your bloated corporate self-image to 1000 of 14 year old boys or girls, who are looking up to you for an image. They should be trying to think independantly or whatever, but no. It's about money, respect and sex appeal. Instant self-gratification. Mass-produced garbage.
I'm not saying all pop-music is bad, but most of it is made just to get money from easily-manipulated people who is after(as i said before) instant gratification and also following the masses on whats the latest fashion and so on.

If the songs got hooks and a good looking vocalists(if you use sex as a selling point, you will sell even more!), you will be famous and pop(ular).

Don't even get me started on indie music. Whats the deal? You can afford a good recording, but you dont want to be good on your instrument and record through a sewage pipe so you can get that "indie-sound"? Give me a break! Pheew.. Glad thats out.

/end rant.
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